Membership in the Association of the Seed Industry in Bulgaria is voluntary and open to all who share the goals of the Association and the means to achieve them.

A member of the Association can be legal entities or physical persons that on their own or as representatives of entity that produce, process and/or commercialize seeds, as well as if they perform in Bulgaria or abroad one of the following activities: research, amelioration, selection, development, testing, multiplication, industrial processing and/or commercialization of the seeds. Entities that share the purposes of the Association and the means of achieving them, pays regularly its membership fee.

Every member shall have the right to participate in the management of the Association, according the provision of the present Articles, to be informed about the activity of the Association, to use the results from its activity by the order stipulated by the General Assembly.

The members of all categories must be committed to respect the present articles of association and respect and defend intellectual property rights, must fulfill any further conditions set out in the Inner rules, Antitrust guidelines and etc., duly accepted by the Association.

All members are expected to co-operate loyally and to contribute in pursuing the objectives of the Association.

The amount of the due annual membership fee is determined by the General Assembly of the association, according to the type of membership.

Membership categories:

Full members might be companies, corporations, physical person representative of company which fulfill all the following conditions:

– having a center of operations in Europe;

– being engaged in research and production of seeds in at least one European country, and in distribution of seeds in at least two European countries;

– they are registered as «breeder» (licensee) for varieties (species/hybrids) registered in the European Catalogue.


Associate members might be companies, associations, trade representatives, physical bodies that do not fulfill the conditions set out above for full membership.

Full members of the Association have maximum rights according to this Statute, also they are member of the Executive Committee.

Associated members of the Association participate in the General Assembly; each shall have one vote in the General Assembly as well as have the right to take part in the work of the organized thematic working groups.

New member of the Association shall be accepted on the grounds of application for membership submitted to the Executive Committee, where the candidates declare acceptance of the active Articles and the working rule of the Association.


Application for membership


Questions related to ASIB membership can be addressed by phone: +359 886 471 987 or by e-mail: bulgariansia(@)