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Асоциация на Семенарската Индустрия в България


Bulgarian Seed Industry Association is a non-governmental organization that protects the interests of the seed industry in the country. It is established by the leading multinational companies in the seed industry – SYNGENTA BULGARIA EOOD, KWS BULGARIA EOOD, CAUSSADE SEMENCES BULGARIA EOOD, MONSANTO INTERNATIONAL BRANCH BULGARIA, LIMAGRAIN CENTRAL EUROPE SE BRANCH BULGARIA, EURALIS SEEDS EOOD, RAPOOL BULGARIA EOOD.

Bulgarian Seed Industry Association is a member of the European Seed Association / EUROSEEDS / and works with it to implement European legislation on agricultural policy updating, variety registration, seed certification, plant health, seed treatment, fight against illegal seeds, innovation and protection of intellectual property.

The implementation of the Bulgarian legislation, which is in accordance with the European legislation in the sector, leads to preservation of biodiversity and the environment,  which leads to building of a positive image and trust of the Seed Industry in the country.