The Association is established for following purposes:

  • Supporting and advocacy оп EU related Еигореап Seed Association (ESA) initiatives and projects (in alignment with ESA agenda, кеу projects).
  • Cooperation and ореn dialogue with Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and other authorities to protect соmmоп interests of the seed industry members.
  • То protect the interests of its members in front of professional and other organizations related to the production of seeds.
  • Fight against illegal seeds, non-certified seeds, etc,
  • Management of disputes/disagreements on issues related to the seed multiplication and any other related topics.
  • “Seed industry” means any legal entity that manufactures, trades with seed, and if it carries out: research, improvement, selection, development, testing, multiplication, industrial processing and/or placing on the market of the seed
  • To promote and raise awareness about the activities of the seed industry.