Euroseeds 2022 Congress: ‘Reconciling productivity and sustainability through innovations’

With more than 1,250 participants from over 50 countries worldwide, 1,000 traders and 50 exhibitors, this year’s meeting in Berlin, Germany confirmed the importance of the event for the European and international seed sector.

During the crop-specific workshops, participants received latest updates and detailed information on many horizontal and crop-specific issues, the Sustainable Use Regulation and sensitive areas, Plant breeding innovation and related technologies, EU Protein Plan, Intellectual Property and Plant Variety Rights, etc.

Speakers shared different perspectives on future opportunities for new breeding techniques in a panel discussion at the Maize and Sorghum Section meeting. Another panel discussion took place during the meeting of the Cereals and Legumes section, where speakers presented potential technical solutions for the implementation of the EU protein plan.

During the open to all registered participants and guests part of the General Assembly, an in-depth high-level debate was held on how to reconcile food security and sustainability through innovation.

The large trade and exhibition facilities demonstrated the innovative potential, industrial and scientific solutions in various fields of the Seed Industry, as well as provided ample space for many professional meetings.

More information about the EU-funded projects in which Euroseeds is involved: BRESOV, INVITE and GeneBEcon could be found at the Euroseeds photo booth.

The Berlin Congress showed that the European seed sector believes in the power of knowledge, science and innovations to achieve agriculture that is productive, competitive and that respects and supports a truly sustainable use of natural resources and protects the environment!

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