State aid for the participation of farmers

Pursuant to a contract between the State Fund „Agriculture“ and the Executive Agency for Variety Testing, Field Inspection and Seed Control, pursuant to Art. 20 (1) (b) and (2) (b) of Regulation (EU) No 702/2014, declaring certain categories of aid in the agriculture and forestry and rural sectors compatible with the internal market in application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and repealing Commission Regulation (EU) No 1857/2006; Agricultural Producers Support Act, Art. 12 paragraph 1 item 2 and item 5 and paragraph 2 item 1., letter “a”; decision of the Management Board of the State Fund „Agriculture“, State Fund“ Agriculture“ provides money to Executive Agency for Variety Testing, Field Inspection and Seed Control for payment of its services to farmers, registered in accordance with Regulation No. 3 of 1999 on the establishment and maintenance of a register of agricultural producers, meeting the definitions of small and medium-sized enterprises and disadvantaged enterprises.

In fulfillment of the contract for the granting of state aid for participation of farmers in the quality scheme for the production of seeds and propagating material for 2019, the Agency provided services to farmers related to:

  • field inspection of seed crops;
  • labeling;
  • sampling of lots of seeds intended for certification;
  • laboratory testing / quality control of seed samples by crop group;
  • post control of seed lots;
  • quality control of certified fruit crops, certified and standard vine propagating material.

Quality scheme introduces additional and some higher demands on the production process and final product, and ensure a high quality of the manufactured seed and propagating material of the following plants: cereal, fodder, oil crops, potatoes, tobacco, cotton, certified and CAC fruit plant propagating material, certified and standard vines propagating material, and certified and standard vegetable seeds – tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, watermelons and melons.